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Why Blockchain ?

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Authenticity of the certificates can be securely and easily checked. Verifiable credentials are protected and the user is sovereign over his personal datas.

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Prosoon technology complies GDPR, W3C and European standards for diplomas digitization, verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers.

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An interoperable solution to facilitate the issuing, sharing and audit of digital certificates.

Our values

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Digital Sovereignty

Users have full control over their personal datas. They can decide to what extent, when and with whom they share their information.

Distributed architecture puts users back at the centre of practices, minimises technical intermediaries and increase security, transparency and sovereignty of data.

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Equal opportunities

Professionals can check "Pseudonimized" profiles. Therefore, information related to identity (age, gender, name, address, nationality...) are only revealed at the time of the interview of employment.

In this way we can fight against all forms of discrimination in the workplace.

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Recognition and employability

Prosoon is a social impact project, developing trust, recognition and agility between stakeholders, from training to employment.

Professional integration is a priority challenge for our government and beyond our borders.